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Dignities, offices, and occupations : thus John, the squire, sergeant, smith, or baker, becomes John Squire, John Sar- gent, John Smith, or John Baker. Dickens's " Christmas Carol " is destined to a much longer life. Wi LLARD is mentioned in the " Willard Memoir," 1858, as one whose birth, doubtless, agreeably sur- prised her parents. Usual Ivnapp, the last of Washingtons Life- guard, died in Xewburg, N. Among the Massachusetts men who took the benefit of the United-States Insolvent Law, I find Orion Broad, Salmon Ensign, and Socrates Frissell. 13 ASHBEL, ASHER, At NAT, Au RELOUS, Axe L, Az EL, Az RO ; Bailes, Bant, Barak, Barnabas, Barney, Barzillai, Beiri, Bela, Belitho, Benaiah and Beniah, Bethuel, Bezer, Biles, Billings, Bonum, Boss ENGER, Bozoun, Brice, Briceno, Bunker, Byby ; Caleb, Carmi, Causten, Celadon, Cephorine, Cera- PHi N, Cn EDERLAOMER and Chedorlaomer (L. The following from animals, birds, and fishes : Hinds, Leo, Griffin (L. The following names from the face of nature: ASHBURN, Mi LBURN, Br IDGE, Wa LBRIDGE, Gr EENVILLE, Hi LLMAN, Sylvanus, &c. From the sea: Marinus, Neptune, Seaborne, Seamen, Shippie.

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Here, in an apartment curtained by forest trees, I sate, day after day, week after week, a pri- soner ; my sole occupation being the collection and XXIV PREFACE TO THIS EDITION. I arose to receive them ; and in the effort to open the drawer of a small writing-table, which was partly be- hind me, I pulled it out so that it fell upon the floor.

Bodily peculiarities, and virtues and vices, including names of beasts, birds, and insects (as wolf, fox, parrot, bee), or inanimate objects (as stone, flint, marble, &c.), a resemblance to which is suggested by these personal or mental traits: these, likewise, constitute a very numerous class. Foundlings are often unkindly dealt with, being named from the rather objectionable buildings in or near which they are left exposed. 3 Fortunes are amassed and dissipated ; dynasties rise, and pass away : but one's name (slightly changed or impaired, it may be, by time) is yet safely transmit- ted from father to son, — an inheritance of to-day from a remote and otherwise unknown ancestry. Pleiades Orion Lumbkin was a former student at West Point. Hickling as having the Christian name of Joseph of Arimathea. Hillard ; and our poets,* Longfellow, Bryant, Lowell, Holmes, Sigourney, Doane, Dana, Whittier, Frothingham, Willis, Brooks, Emerson, Tuckerman, Parsons, Fields, Hedge, Story, Saxe, Percival, Poe, Key, «&;c., all have middle names. A married relative of my own, — who chooses to retain also her maiden name, — should she spread out her signature to its full proportions, would write * The iiuthors of the " Aimtomist's Hjinn" and of " Thanntopsis " cannot with propriety bo ruiiked below a writer of even the exquisite taste of Longfellow. From time: Primus, Quartus, Latter, Lately, August, Paschal, Winter. And dignified ones: Vic- tor, Prosper, Wealthy, Noble, Earl, Baron, Major, Ensign, Chancellor (L.