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30-Dec-2019 20:32

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I am fun and out going and I'm looking for a fun loving and out going girl.I love to work and enjoy having fun on my time off, whether it be going hiking, camping, fishing, swimming or running/working out or just hanging out at home watching a movie .I'm so glad that Dessen gave us a whole picture that included the aftermath of being abused. I think it is an important book that all teenage girls (and boys) should read.The statistics for dating violence are pretty scary and I don't think enough people are aware about how serious of a problem it is.I have a 8 year old daughter from donor sperm and although I went with a known donor, he is not present in our lives.I only want to be around HAPPY people who understand that your body is your temple and who feel completely ALIVE after a good sweat.Eventually, Caitlin wasn't allowed to talk to any other guys (even if it was a boy in her class) and he almost succeeds at completely isolating her from her family and friends. I loved that we were able to read about Caitlin in rehab and her road to recovery.

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Rogerson is different from anyone Caitlin has ever known. On Caitlin's 16th birthday she wakes up to discover that her older sister has run away. Her mother starts redecorating the house in a Victorian theme and buys creepy porcelain dolls from infomercials. Caitlin needs her own distraction so she tries out for the cheerleading squad with her best friend, Rina.You meet the guy for two minutes at a gas station and a couple hours later you just leave a party with him? If her sister hadn't run away I truly believe that Caitlin would have never gotten involved with Rogerson.Even if she still happened to meet him, their 'relationship' would have never progressed as far as it did.I believe in working really hard so I can play hard too. I have been a bit of a tomboy (drive a truck, have my motorcycle license -though I don't have one currently).

I own my own home, and keep a clean house :) and just want a cool girl to hang out with...I had huge weight issues for 15 years, and I have been set free.