Safari dinner party dating

10-Feb-2020 08:26

“Ryan’s mom picked us up from LAX—she had the actual ring with her, and he slid it on my finger in the airport parking lot, a place we’ve spent a lot of time together,” says Kyly. During a walk-through of the Disney Concert Hall, the coordinator asked them how Ryan proposed.

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He began with ‘This has been the most life-changing trip, and I can’t leave here without being able to call you my fiancée.’ I blacked out after that!

Despite the extensive travel requirements and likely logistical complications, we were determined.” There was one small problem—Londolozi is not a wedding venue and does not typically allow weddings.

Thanks to Ryan’s aunt’s introduction, they were able to connect with the owners via Skype to make their pitch.

I should’ve known it was going to be something extra-special as a result.” The couple explored Cape Town and then ended the trip on safari in Kruger National Park at Londolozi.

Even after 10 years of dating, “I really had no idea he was going to propose on this trip,” says Kyly. “Everything at Londolozi felt so special, and this followed suit.

“Although I was sure something would happen—it didn’t! “Despite the many airline miles we racked up visiting each other over the years, I hadn’t yet made it to South Africa when Christmas 2014 rolled around,” says Kyly.

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