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Right mouse button = Drop-down menu of all possible actions for where you click.

Arrow Keys = Move Camera (can go up and down, and rotate all around your character.)Enter (or Enter *2)= Quick-chat (will explain more in #3)Some of the possible options on the drop-down lists are: Move - Self-Explanatory Attack - Engages combat with that Player(more on PVP combat in #7)/NPCUse - Highlights the item you clicked on and when you click on another item/object/NPC it either gives you the message "Nothing interesting happens." or you successfully use the item and the results vary greatly.

Police believe the hacker obtained password details through a so-called phishing scam where a fake internet page tricks users into handing over their personal information.

The hacker can then gain control of the player's character - or avatar - and sell off his or her weapons, skills, equipment and clothing, which can be worth tens of thousands of pounds in the real world.

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(basically the first option of the drop-down menu).

In the first case of its kind, the 23-year-old man was held for hijacking hundreds of teenage boys' accounts to gain access to their hard-won virtual abilities.