Rules for dating a jewish man

19-Feb-2020 18:53

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Besides the cross-references cited above see Conferences; Dowry; Ketubah; Pilegesh; Polygamy.

It is forbidden for a man to have sexual relations with a married woman not his wife.

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In later times the two stages of marriage were combined, a custom universally followed at the present time. Those who assist at a divorce proceeding, or the witnesses who testify to the death of an absent husband, may not marry the woman thus released (Yeb. If the child died during the interval, she might remarry immediately (Yeb. During the first thirty days of mourning after the death of a near relative no marriage may be entered upon. No marriage might be entered upon on Sabbaths, holy days, or the week-days of the holy days, except in very urgent cases (Beẓah 36b; "Yad," Shabbat, xxiii. The first nine days of the month of Ab were regarded as days of mourning and no marriage might then be performed.

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