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24-Jan-2020 19:11

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Yet, while Sophia was off dating a slew of other One Tree Hill cast members, Chad Michael Murray wasn't sitting at home twiddling his thumbs either.

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The couple have been spotted at beaches and dinners frequently.

After Austin joined the show as Julian though, they fell in love and remained in a relationship on-and-off for four years.

Sadly, it wasn't in the cards and they waved each other goodbye just as One Tree Hill came to an end in 2012.

One Tree Hill may have ended years ago, but the characters that made up the show still linger in our memories as we hope and pray for a happy reunion one day.

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After all, there's been nothing quite like the rollercoaster ride of relationships and drama since the final credits rolled in 2012.She would have come out better if she stated we went our separate ways, if she wanted to avoid the true nature of the breakup. She and I know what happened so just be cordial and keep it moving.

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