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The exterior features exclusive alloy wheels, champagne-pearl badging and a choice of selected colors. Specifications based on information at time of printing and subject to change without notice. Many times during the past eight years as I waited in the reception area outside the president's University Hall office, I would observe his staff carrying out personal errands: ordering flowers for the ailing wife of a trustee, arranging for Gregorian to visit a student in the hospital, typing a letter of recommendation to graduate school for an employee's child. For this the offending student is sen- tenced to restitution and probation.

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Each Biography Ordered: .30 Photo fee: No charge to scan photos. You may change your photo as often as you'd like Suspending Your Membership You may suspend and rejoin at any time. I picked up the little card and read: "I am so sorry to hear of your loss. He set them on our dining table, where they seemed to glow, as vibrant and warm as spring sunshine. July 1997 % I Papa Be Scrapboo A Helping Hand for Refugees US- POSTAGE PAID Permit No. The previous fall I had interviewed him for the BAATs October 1988 cover story.

Its spacious interior is appointed luxuriously with Coach leather trim* a power moonroof, an in-dash, six CD auto- changer, a custom shift knob and a drivers power memory system. "Upon delivery of your LS 400 Coach Edition, your Coarh lealher Culnn Hug will be shipped to mu in 6-8 weeks. But perhaps more than any other president in the University's modern history he has been known for his charisma and warmth. The author writes, "What might be condoned on the streets beyond the Van Wickle Gates may be condemned withm," but she gives litde consideration to the opposite - actions which are clearly criminal outside the institution and which are treated with rather meaningless sanctions inside. Dean cites the case of a student stealing another student's credit card and running up a large bill.For more details, see your nearest Lexus dealer, f ^^J L ± The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection ©l997l^xi Ls. ABSOLL " CALUGRAPHV AND ASSOIUWOPKACOW ARE TRADEMARKS OWNED BY VSS VIN i SPRIT AB, ©1997 V&S VIN S SPRIT AB IMPC ' THOSE WHO APPRECIATE OUAUTY ENJOY IT RESP'. "It's usually hard to talk to a president, but with him it's easy." Yes, It IS. Send changes of address to Alumni Records, I'O, Box 1908. If a student goes to a Univer- sity official with a criminal complaint, the official should immediately hand the matter over to the police.