Reasons for backdating jsa

19-Mar-2020 08:20

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I am truly sorry to read how depression is blighting your life at at the moment; it can be very hard to explain to others how we feel or what is causing us to feel this way.

It's even more challenging if the other person hasn't experienced depression before; it is such a horrible illness to suffer with but I do agree with one thing you've said - seeing your GP again would be a very good idea Marc. The mediation isn't working for you right now and it may be that Mirtazapine isn't for you or the dosage needs a review.

It is good to see though that you are being well supported by your local healthcare professionals and that counselling will commence shortly - hopefully it won't be too much longer for an appointment to come through.

Caroline has given you some great advice, unfortunately the application process for benefits can be quite lengthy and is clearly causing you additional stress and anxiety.

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My partner could be more supportive but he tried it best, it must be hard for him because we never went through the early stages of a relationship as I was pregnant when we met and to add my issues on top must have been a battle for him.I know it can be lengthy which is stressful but here's I being patient because it'll be worth it in the end, jut the relief of putting something towards my family I sometimes feel guilty that my partner works (very few hours he can't find anymore) and I can't contribute!It's hard because we're really financially struggling and this is my opportunity to balance everything so I can work on my mental health properly, because I've struggled to do that due to not feeling secure x Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Hi I just saw your post and wanted to say that you have believe that you are entitled to PIP because of how you mental affects you.Hi everybody, I was hoping for some support/advise and if I've posted in the wrong place the I apologise.

*deep breath* So I suffer from really bad anxiety and depression due to personal circumstances and I require a lo of mental support from the local children's centre, I'm also on medication and am awaiting counselling (it's taking a very long time!Your outreach worker sounds very supportive, perhaps you can talk through your concerns and worries with them Jessica?