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I was scared, but I put on a black abaya and went in the streets.I got on a taxi, told the taxi driver I was escaping from slavery and begged him to help me. He called my brother and asked to arrange a smuggler.They gave us time to think and then they came back again saying that they would let us go, but instead they brought us to a school, took our money and our possessions. I was always locked inside a room as if I was in prison.

Eight of us were sent to Aleppo and I ended up with another woman and my nephew in a large villa. I told him that I was pregnant and could not have sex, so he brought me to a doctor and when he found out that I lied he beat me. I knew this, and I knew that I just needed to get lucky and find one. We escaped, but still we don't know anything about my uncles, my cousins and my brothers." Another 18-year-old, Muna, was captured August 15, 2015.My two sisters and two brothers are still with ISIS. I saw them placing mines in several different cities. They told us that we would be sold, some as slaves, some as brides for the fighters.