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27-Mar-2020 17:23

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It is tempting to put up something that is like a date of birth or your real name, but let's not do that (Cause it's b-o-r-i-n-g). Here are some of my favorites in this list of screen names. ~ In practice, the sections in the names need to be joined together into one continuous name. It allows for you to be out there and protects you all the same. Maybe a few of these will take your fancy and our work here will be done.Thus we have "Herrero" ("ironsmith"), "Guerrero" ("warrior"), "Marino" ("sailor") and so forth.We also have surnames derived from nicknames, physical characteristics, or a special event or anecdote in the life of the individual.If her husband has died, she can use the words "viuda de" (widow of), abbreviated "vda. Note that it would be totally incorrect to address the last individual in the first example as "Mr. In contemporary Hispanic cultures, particularly in Central and South America, business cards often list only the initial of the maternal surname.You might find the business card of the last individual in question introducing him as "Sr. In Cuba, as in most Hispanic countries, it was illegal to change your name.This is a list compiled from several sources that’s been kickin’ ’round my Evernote for a bit.

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This is a common practice when a paternal surname is a common surname and/or when the corresponding maternal surname has some claim to fame.

In some confusing situations you may have to resort to the genealogical records of the parents or other siblings to clarify where one group of surnames ends and the other begins.

To perhaps make it a bit clearer, here is the above example in diagram form, where the paternal surnames are shown in bold type: José López --- María Famosa | Juan López Famosa --- Isabel Fernández García | Pedro López Fernández (or) Pedro López y Fernández (or) Pedro López-Fernández (or) Pedro López Famosa y Fernández (or) Pedro López-Famosa y Fernández (or) Pedro López Famosa y Fernández García (or) Pedro López-Famosa y Fernández-García (or) Pedro López Famosa Fernández García (this last version leading to general genealogical confusion) It is important to note that, in Hispanic cultures, wives retain their maiden names when they marry. When people with Hispanic surnames emigrate to non-Hispanic cultures, such as the USA, they commonly drop the maternal surname to avoid such "surname confusion".

You can use these as they are or model some for your own. But to make it less confusing for you, we have added the hyphens in between.

You can also experiment with letters, numeric, capital letters and symbols to set the name apart.

How to leave a mark then and make sure that we are remembered? A cool screen name will make a lot of difference to set you apart from the rest.

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