Quotes about blacks and whites dating

12-Dec-2019 09:03

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There nver was a civilized nation of any other comlexion than white, nor even any individual eminent either in action or specualtion, not ingenious manufacturers amongst them, not arts, or sciences.

John Burgess, scholar: A Black skin means membership in a race of men which never created a civilization of any kind.

None of the White philosophers ever claimed to be more moral.

(Then again, judging by the way they act in the role of subjugator, I suspect that Blacks would make Whites look like angels by comparison if the situation were reversed.) None of the black responses addressed the quotes above by Lincoln, Toynbee, Franklin, et al.

Henry Berry, Virginia House of Representatives: We have, as far as possible, closed every avenue by which the light many enter the slave's mind. However, it will not be right if I don't challenge famous thought against other famous thought. Kwame Ture(formerly Stokley Carmichael), my brother, the Pan-Africanist Freedom Fighter: Where ever the White man has gone, he has conquered, ruled, murdered and plagued. For the Black people of the world there is no bright tomorrow.

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I wonder often what would have happened if the Africans were the dominant power if the roles were reversed.Then you would come to the same conclusions that I would have.