Podcasts not updating on ipod touch

08-Jun-2020 08:54

It randomly refuses to sync some episodes (sometimes an "empty" dot appears next to the episode in question, sometimes the episode appears in the i Pod from i Tunes, but not in the podcasts app in the i Pod itself, etc.). Then all of a sudden the podcast episodes return and show as unplayed...therefore begin downloading again....usually when I am busy doing something else. I like to keep some channels like a library on my hard drive that I may return to at some stage and I have others where I will never listen to them again and am happy for them to be deleted.

However I almost exclusively listen to podcasts on the road and could not fit my library on the iphone to save for all time.

There are some desperately needed basic fixes here by apple and it seems by all I have seen the issues are being ignored.

I am dumbfounded by the deaf and dumb approach to the gradual destruction of this app and the determination not to fix anything.

ITunes has a large library of podcasts grouped in episodes you can download to your i Pod Nano.

Podcasts generally follow a radio-show format and come in a variety of genres.

I still have the exact same problems with i OS 7.1 and the Podcasts app.) You're not doing anything wrong, the stuff just doesn't work. There are other third-party podcast players for i OS, but AFAIK Instacast is the only popular one that also plays on Macs and syncs between i OS and Macs.

And for the first time the i Phone 4S is now counted out of the fun.