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18-Mar-2020 20:01

Mixed-race couples reflect on their experiences INDIANAPOLIS, In. According to findings from a Pew Research study which found that a record 14.6 percent of all new marriages in the United States are between spouses of different racial backgrounds.

An indication that what was once taboo is slowly becoming more mainstream.

A recent release from the Indiana Civil Rights Commission revealed that a female bartender was terminated from her position at the Lebanon Moose Lodge in Lebanon, Ind., due in part to the fact that she is engaged to an African-American man.

Larron and Caitlin Smith, who have been married for four months, met while they were both attending Union Missionary Baptist Church in Muncie, Ind.

“People are going to say things and have their own points of view, but we have to love each other regardless.” Christopher Jones, who has been in an interracial relationship with Christina Andree for seven years, has had similar experiences.

He said early on in their relationship he and his girlfriend would receive mixed reactions when they went out in public.

“Today, people aren’t outwardly vocal about how they feel about us, if they were to feel a certain way they may give you a cold shoulder or a look,” said Larron.

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