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15-Jun-2020 11:24

sitronix-dpf sourceforge digital photo album (flasdisk) with clock, usb vendor id 1403 and product id 0001.The application writes 512 bytes to offset 25088 on the device, and it then reads 64KB from 45056. I don't have a tool handy to find out the bytes that are sent and those that are read, so I'm not going further into that right now.When synchronizing, it writes as follows: * 512 bytes to offset 25088 * 32758 bytes to offset 26112 * 512 bytes to 25088 * reads 512 bytes from 45056 and does so for every picture added.

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I will start analyzing what is happening when syncing, so maybe we can reverse engineer what's happening._________________Gentoo is super!

I'm not exactly a Gentoo user, but I wanted to reply to this thread because I found it while googling on the subject.

I got it to work under Windows, and it actually works like a charm.

You'd have to get really digging to find out how the whole process works.

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Just my .02 Daveafter geting rather annoyed i took mine apart and disconected the battery and re connected it and that seem to do the trick the photo app program seems to work again :-/ very odd still no joy with linux but hey 1 beter then none I also have 2 similar devices, what can I do to help supporting these devices?

However block device characteristics are preserved. Place for example rule in file: /etc/udev/rules.d/10-personal-rules Add user to group sitronix, so user can use the device. With program you can dump the images using the get_image function. Size of the stored pictures on the device can depends on image size, supported colors 4096 supported colors equeals 12 bit data for each pixel.