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17-Jan-2020 09:00

Their negativity probably doesn’t stem from not having a partner; rather, it may be because they feel unhappy when they compare their lives with the lives of others.

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As long as people use social media for the wrong reasons, there’s no way you can improve your relationship with your partner, your friends, and even your family.

I know now not to post about every little detail, nor should I post about fights or how I’m feeling, when I have the capacity to share it with my loved one.

[Read: 8 reasons why social media may be killing your relationship slowly] The truth is that I don’t want other people to pick my relationship apart.

The verdict being, if these people broke up, those satisfaction levels will crash and burn in an epic apocalyptic meltdown, much to the entertainment of their frequent viewers.

[Read: 12 things you do online that make you look pathetic] #3 Self-esteem levels.Those who were high on neuroticism *a personality traits that favors control*, were more likely to brag about their relationships.