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She worked as host from 7th of July 2011 to 14th of October 2011. According to her Wikipedia pages, her family along with her moved to Atlanta when she was 11 years old.

She completed her Bachelors in Arts majoring in Journalism from the University of Georgia with minors as French and Italian.

Still, never expecting it, they fell one by one (Ozzy, Jason and Erik — and Alexis, too, although for somewhat different reasons).

Keeping things interesting Despite all of those strategic moves, both Cirie and Amanda ironically found themselves in nearly identical positions at the end of the game as where they were during their original seasons.

She was there simply as a placeholder to prevent either Erik or Natalie from finding that final lifesaving idol, and her time there was an excellent metaphor for most of her game play: She did the least amount of work possible while taking the most credit possible.

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Eliza told her, "You might just be a mean person," and then voted for her.

Later, she helped to blindside Ozzy, but that was Cirie's plan, not her's.

Bad move Ultimately, it was probably the final twist — the additional immunity challenge — that shattered the alliance and broke Amanda down, likely costing her the game.

That explains why Amanda chose Parvati instead of Cirie to sit next to her in the final two, because Amanda thought Parvati, who was known more for her flirting than anything else, would be easier to beat.

In the second-to-last episode, Parvati tanned on Exile Island instead of searching for the hidden immunity idol.

The second all-star season limped into existence, a not-so-all-star collection of returning "favorites" and unimpressive "fans." But it followed an exponential curve, transforming into a season worthy of the designation of "best season ever," at least in terms of game play, but also because it repeatedly offered shocking turns of events.