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07-Mar-2020 06:35

But last November I turned 36, and I still hadn't met the right guy—by which I mean a guy.

I decided I was through playing barstool roulette and hanging out at my local Barnes & Noble.

I was sick of dating fussy intellectuals and well-groomed metrosexuals obsessed with pedicures and designer jeans.

It was time to find a mountain man, a guy who could chop wood, rappel down an ice face, and run a wild river.

I've never met anyone who honestly wanted to try it.

This guy seems up for it, though, judging by his e-mail.

When I was 21, I trekked to 16,000 feet in the Himalayas to bring my boyfriend a beer on his birthday." Next, I upload a photo of myself at the base of Snowbird Mountain, in Utah.

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One dude shows himself in camouflage with a rifle and a fevered look; another offers a photo of a prairie dog wearing a wig.

I've trekked through Nepal, gone on safari in Africa, and (in case things got too wild) learned kung fu from a Shaolin monk.

I cook a mean coq au vin on a camp stove, and I don't wear mascara when I surf.

I'm praying we don't capsize as we head north on the Hudson River under a chemical-orange sky, barely crawling against three-knot currents. Veg is in the back, breathing hard and struggling to steer.

Our guide, Kayak Company owner Eric Stiller, is ahead of us.

"), for the "height-blessed"; Date My Pet.com, if your dog is the center of your life; and Ashley ("When monogamy becomes monotony! And now, thanks to Greg Prosl, a backcountry snowboarder and competitive mountain biker from Seattle, there's also Single And Active.com—a hookup hub for adventurers and athletes.