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20-Nov-2019 23:23

For example, the following scenario is not uncommon: You're out one night with a bunch of your friends from medical school who you haven't seen in a while, possibly at a dinner for one of their birthdays.

You're making casual talk with them when suddenly you notice that two of your friends are acting more than a little friendly towards one another.

Tens of thousands of young doctors find out their fate at the same time — often at big parties.

Most medical schools, including U-M, organize a festive gathering for students, and their closest loved ones, with speeches, balloons and lots of hugs.

By the start of your fourth year, you’ve begun to figure out what kind of doctor you’d like to be.

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It’s so complicated, and so well-designed, that the researchers who came up with the concept got the Nobel Prize in Economics.The reasons that medical students fall into the same patterns time and time again are quite simple to understand, when viewed in the proper context.First and foremost, medical students simply don't have many opportunities to go out and socialize with non-med students.It’s not ideal, but they’ll still be able to start residency with their classmates.

Others who don’t match to their top choices may decide to take a year off to do research, or pursue another degree, before trying again.The first few years of medical school involve learning the basics of the body and things that can go wrong with it, and rotating into short stints working alongside senior doctors and healthcare teams in the fields of primary and specialty care.