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Can you identify with these characters?1342, Lithuanian, June 14; Anthony Mary Zaccaria July 5; Anthony Perchersky, Ukrainian, July 10 Antonia, Antonina (Antoinette, Antonina) -- February 28, May 4, June 12 Apolinarius (Appollinaris) -- July 23 Apolonia (Pauline) -- February 9 Apolonius (Apollonius) -- April 18 August, Augustyn (Augustine) -- Augustine of Canterbury May 28; Augustine of Hippo, Doctor of the Church August 28 Baltazar (Balthasar) -- January 6, July 23 Barbara (Barbara) -- December 4 Barnabas (Barnabas) -- Barnabas the Apostle June 11 Bartlomiej (Bartholomew) -- Bartholomew the Apostle August 24; Bartholomew November 11 Bazyli (Basil) -- Basil the Great June 14 Bede (Bede) -- Bede the Venerable May 27 Benedykt (Benedict) -- Benedict, abbot March 21; Benedict, Polish, April 23; Benedict, Pope July 11 Bernard (Bernard) -- August 20 Bernardyn (Bernadine, male) -- May 20 Bibiana (Bibiana, Viviana) -- December 2 Blazej (Blaise) -- February 3 Bogumil (Bogimilus, Theophilus) -- Polish, June 10; see Teofil Boleslaw (Boleslaus, William) Boleslawa (Boleslava, Wilhelmina, Mina) Bonifacy (Boniface) -- Boniface of Tarsus May 14; Boniface, Apostle of Germany June 5; Boniface, Second Apostle of the Prussians June 19 Bozena ("of God"), see Teodora and Teodozia Bronislaw (Bronislaus, Bruno) Bronislawa (Bronislava, Bernice, Bertha) -- Polish, September 3 Brunon (Bruno) -- patron of Ruthenia (Ukraine) October 6 Brygida (Bridget, Birgitta) -- patron of Sweden October 8 Cecylia (Cecelia) -- November 22 Cyprian (Cyprian) -- Cyprian, bishop September 16; Cyprian, martyr September 26 Cyryl (Cyril) -- Cyril of Alexandria February 9; Cyril of Jerusalem March 18; Cyril (of Saints Cyril and Methidius) Slavic, July 7 Czeslaw (Ceslaus, Chester) -- Polish, July 17 and 28 Czeslawa (feminine of Czeslaw, Ceslava) -- also see Teresa Dawid (David) -- Dewi of Wales March 1; David, Russian, September 19; King David December 30 Doloreta (Dolores) -- Seven Sorrows (Dolores in Latin) of the Blessed Virgin Mary September 15 Domicylla, Domitilla (Domitilla) -- May 7 and 12 Dominik (Dominic) -- August 4 Dorota (Dorothy) -- Dorothy of Montau, patroness of Prussia October 30 Edmund (Edmund) -- November 20 Edward (Edward) -- March 18, October 13 Elzbieta (Elizabeth) -- Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal July 8; Elizabeth of Hungary November 19 Emilia, Emiliana (Emiliana, Emily) -- August 24, December 24 Ewa (Eve) -- the eve of Christmas day December 24 Fabian (Fabian) -- January 20 Felicia (Felice, Felicity, Phyllis) -- March 6 Feliks (Felix) -- Felix of Nola, priest/martyr January 14; Felix I, Pope May 30; Felix, martyr July 12; Felix II, Pope July 29; Felix, martyr August 30; Felix of Valois November 20 Filip (Philip) -- Philip, Apostle May 1, May 11; Philip Neri May 26; Philip Benizi August 23 Florentyna (Flora, Florence) -- June 20, November 24 Florjan (Florian) -- patron of Poland and Upper Austria May 4 Franciszek (Francis, Frank) -- Francis de Sales January 29; Francis of Paola April 2; Francis Caracciolo June 4; Francis of Assisi October 4; Francis Borgia October 10 Franciszek Ksawery (Francis Xavier) -- December 3 Franciszka (Frances) -- March 9 Fryderyk (Frederick) -- July 18 Gabriel (Gabriel) -- Archangel March 24 Genowefa (Genevieve) -- January 3 Giertruda (Gertrude) -- November 16 Grzegorz (Gregory) -- Gregory the Great, Pope March 12; Gregory Nazianzen May 9; Gregory VII, Pope May 25; Gregory the Wonder-worker November 17 Gustaw (Gustav, August, Augustine) -- see August, Augustyn Gwidon (Guy) -- September 12 Halina, Helena (Helen) -- August 18 Henryk (Henry) -- Henry of Bavaria, Emperor of Germany July 15 Henryka (Henrietta, Hattie) -- feminine of Henryk Hiacynt, Jacek (Hyacinth, male) -- Hyacinth, patron of Poland (Hyacinth Ronski) August 17; Hyacinth September 11 Hiacynta, Jacinta (Hyacintha, female) -- January 30 Hieronym (Jerome, Henry) -- Jerome Emilian July 20; Jerome, Doctor of the Church September 30 Hipolit (Hippolytus) -- August 13 Honorata (Honorata) -- January 11 Honoratus (Honoratus) -- January 16 Ignacy (Ignace, Ignatius) -- Ignatius, bishop/martyr February 1; Ignatius of Rostov Russian, May 28; Ignatius of Loyola July 31 Irena, Irina (Irene) -- April 3 Isabela (Isabelle) -- Elizabeth of Portugal (born Isabella) July 4 and 8 Izydor (Isidore) -- Isidore of Alexandria January 15; Isidore the Farmer March 22; Isidore of Seville, bishop April 4; Isidore of Chios May 15; Isidore December 14 Jacek -- see Hiacynt Jacinta -- see Hiacynta Jadwiga (Hedwig, Hattie) -- Blessed Hedwig, Queen of Poland February 28; Hedwig, patroness of Silesia October 16 Jakub (Jacob, James) -- James the Lesser Apostle May 1 and 11; James the Greater, Apostle July 25 Jan (John) -- John Chrysostom January 27; John of Matha February 8; John of God March 8; John Damascene March 27; John Capistran March 28; John the Apostle, Before the Latin Gate May 6; John Lithuanian, April 14; John of San Facundo June 12; John Gualbert July 12; John of Dukla, patron of Poland and Lithuania July 10 and September 28; John of the Cross November 24; John, Apostle and Evangelist December 27 Jan Baptysta, Jan Chrzciciel (John the Baptist) -- birth of June 24; beheading of August 29 Jan Jozef (John Joseph) -- March 5 Jan Kanty (John Cantius) -- patron of Poland and Lithuania October 20 Jan Nepomucen (John Nepomucene) -- patron of Czechoslovakia May 16 Januariusz (Januarius, January, John) -- September 19 Jerzy (George) -- patron of England and Germany April 23 Joachim, Joakim (Joachim) -- August 16 Joanna (Joanne, Jane, Jean, Joan, Jennie) -- Joan of Arc May 30; Jane Frances de Chantal August 21 Jolanta, Jolenta (Yolanda) -- Blessed Jolenta (Helen of Poland), Polish/Hungarian, June 12 and 14 Jozef (Joseph) -- Joseph, father of Jesus March 19; Joseph the Workman May 1; Joseph of Cupertino September 18 Jozefa, Jozefina (Josephine) -- feminine of Jozef Jozefat (Josaphat) -- Polish/Lithuanian, November 14 Julia (Julia, Julie) -- May 22 Julian (Julian) -- January 9 Juliana (Julianna, Julie) -- Juliana Falconieri June 19 Justin, Justyn (Justin) -- April 14 Justina, Justyna (Justina) -- September 26 Kajetan (Cajetan) -- August 7 Kamil (Camile, Camillus, male) -- Camile of Lellis July 18 Kamila (Camila, Camille, female) -- feminine of Kamil Karol (Karl, Charles) -- Blessed Charlemagne of France January 28; Charles Borromeo November 4 Karolina (Carolina, Charlotte) -- feminine of Karol Kasper (Caspar) -- Caspar, one of the Magi January 6, July 23; Caspar del Bufalo January 2 Katarzyna (Catherine) -- Catherine of Siena April 30; Catherine of Alexandria November 25 Kazimierz, Kazmierz (Casimir) -- patron of Poland and Lithuania March 4 Klara (Clara, Clare) --August 12 Klemens, Klement (Clemence, Clement) -- Clement January 23; Clement February 13; Clement Slovensky of Okhrida, Apostle of Bulgaria July 17 and 27; Clement I, Pope November 23 Klementyna (Clementine) -- feminine of Klemens Konrad(Conrad) -- Blessed Conrad of Bavaria February 14 and March 15; Conrad of Piacenza February 19; Conrad of Swabia, bishop of Trèves June 1; Conrad of Constance, bishop November 26 Konstanty (Constant, Constantine) -- Constantine, King of Cornwall (first martyr of Scotland) March 11; Constantine Russian, September 19 Konstantyna (Constance) -- feminine of Konstanty Krystyna (Christine) -- Christine of Bolsena and two Christinas July 24; Christina (also called Nino), Apostle of Georgia Russian, December 15 Krzysztof (Christopher) -- July 25 Kunegunda (Cunegunda) -- Cunegunda of Luxembourg and Bavaria March 3; Blessed Cunegunda (also known as Kinga), patroness of Poland and Lithuania Polish/Hungarian, July 21 and 23 Leokadia (Leocadia, Laura) -- December 9 Leon (Leo) -- Leo I the Great, Pope April 11; Leo IX, Pope April 19; Leo III, Pope June 12; Leo II, Pope July 3; Leo IV, Pope July 17 Leonard (Leonard, Leon) -- November 6 Lidia (Lydia) -- August 3 Lorenz (Lawrence) -- Lawrence of Brindisi July 21; Lawrence, martyr August 10; Lawrence Justinian September 4 and 5 Lucja (Lucy) -- Lucy, martyr September 16; Lucy of Sicily, martyr December 13 Lucjan (Lucian) -- Lucian of Antioch January 7; Lucian of Beauvais January 8; Lucian October 26 Ludmila (Ludmila) -- Bohemian, September 16 Ludwik (Louis) -- Louis IX, King of France August 25 Ludwika (Louise) -- March 15 Lukasz (Lucas, Luke) -- Luke the Evangelist October 18 Maciej (Matthew) -- Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist September 21 Magdalena (Mary Magdalene, Madeline) -- Mary Magdalen del Pazzi May 29; Mary Magdalene July 22 Maksymilian (Maximilian) -- Maximilian March 12; Maximilian of Lorch October 12; Maksymilian Kolbe Polish, August 14 Malgorzata, Margarita (Margaret) -- Margaret of Hungary January 18 and 26; Margaret, Queen of Scotland June 10; Margaret July 20 Marcelian (Marcellianus) -- twin of Mark June 18 Marcianna, Martyna (Marcyanna, Martina) -- Marciana January 9; Martina January 30 Marcin (Martin) -- Martin of Tours November 11; Martin I, Pope November 12 Marek (Mark) -- Mark the Evangelist April 25; Mark, twin of Marcellianus June 18; Mark, Pope October 7 Maria, Marja, Marya (Mary) -- Feast Days of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God January 1; Purification of the BVM February 2; Annunciation of the BVM March 25; Queenship of the BVM May 31; Visitation of the BVM to Elizabeth July 2; Assumption of the BVM August 15; Immaculate Heart of Mary August 22; Our Lady of Czestochowa, patroness of Poland August 26; Nativity of the BVM September 8; Most Holy Name of Mary September 12; BVM of the Rosary October 7; Immaculate Conception December 8 Marta (Martha) -- Martha, martyr January 19; Martha (sister of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus) July 29 Martyna -- see Marcianna Mateusz (Mathias) -- Mathias (the Apostle who took the Place of Judas) February 24 and 25; also see Maciej Melchior (Melchior) -- January 6 and July 23 Metody (Methodius) -- Cyril and Methodius (Apostles of the Slavs) Slavic, July 7 Michal, Mieczyslaw (Michael) -- Apparition of Michael the Archangel May 8; Michael of Chernigov Ukrainian/Russian, September 21; Michael the Archangel September 29 Michalina (Michalina) -- June 20 Mieczyslaw (Miecislaus) -- Mieczyslaw I (King of Poland who accepted Christianity on behalf of all Poland) January 1 Mikolaj (Nicholas) -- Nicholas of Tolentino September 10; Nicholas I the Great, Pope November 13; Nicholas, patron of Russia December 6 Monika (Monica, Mona) -- mother of St.Augustine May 4 Paulina (Pauline) -- January 26 Pawel (Paul) -- Paul the Hermit January 15; Conversion of Paul the Apostle January 25; Paul of the Cross April 28; Paul the Apostle June 29 and 30; Dedication of the Basilicas of Peter and Paul November 18 Pelagia (Pelagia, Paula, Pauline) -- Pelagia of Tarsus May 4; Pelagia of Antioch June 9; Pelagia the Penitent October 8 Petronela (Petronilla) -- May 31 Piotr (Peter) -- Chair of St.Kieran is hailed as a hero, and the girl's hugely grateful mother, Olenka, become close.Gradually Kieran starts to soften in his opinion of foreigners.

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Joseph is a rising star who has given highly-regarded performances in Freefall, Soundproof, Red Riding and Clapham Junction. "It would be easy to see him as simply prejudiced – as others do in the drama – but the writing goes deeper than that, his bigotry has a reason.However she still has to go through many surgeries and then long rehab.Unfortunately her parents do not have any more money. For each forwarded email her parents will get We started seeing the e-mailed appeal about Olenka Kuczma, the girl pictured above, show up in our inbox in August 2005, but information regarding little Ola was difficult to come by as nearly all media coverage of the case occurred in her home country of Poland.Last Modified: Monday, 13-Dec-2010 MST © Copyright 2008 Poland Gen Web.

old and she has burnt skin all over her body, damage facial bones (as a result of very high temperature). She is in hospital in Cracow — Poland and one of the best specialist is looking after her.Peter at Rome January 18; Peter Nolasco January 28; Chair of St.

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