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15-Apr-2020 11:54

* Superceded by Missouri Supreme Court Ruling SC89727 Top SC88644 On February 19, 2008 the Missouri Supreme court ruled the 1,000 ft.

residential restriction did not apply to offenders who resided at their place of residence on or before the date that the restriction was signed into law - June 5, 2006.

However, critics of the law state it adds a penalty to the crime that was not there when the offender was sentenced and the laws inflict degrading and inhumane treatment of the offender.

Megan Kanka, age 7, was raped and murdered by a twice-convicted pedophile who was residing in her neighborhood.

While this law gives states discretion as to the criteria of information available, it requires them to enact a community notification system.

This law also added the length of time an offender was required to register from 10 years to life.

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Top The last change to the Wetterling Act came in 2000 with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act.Top SC86573 On July 17, 2006 the Missouri Supreme Court invalidated the duty to register for convictions/pleas prior to January 1, 1995..

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