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So I would say that overall the gap between the rich and the poor is lessening little by little and opportunity for the average Nicaraguan is going up so the overall feeling of resentment is nowhere close to where it was just a few years back when Nicaragua was not in the same position as it is now.You see it all over the place as we are featured in publications such as Forbes and The Huffington Post.The influence that we get from European and American visitors in Nicaragua is very important and provided us with a lot of ideas of how to improve and live better in our own country.

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We feel very proud of that people can come visit Nicaragua and leave with a positive impression.Expats in Nicaragua are pretty much loved by the Nicaraguan people. Nicaraguans are interested in their culture so they ask them about themselves.Nicaraguans like foreign people regardless of what country they are from. It is like putting an African-American in Asia where people freak out when they see him. It is interesting in that sense especially if you go to rural communities.There was one time when I was trying to buy body powder and I used the word in Spanish that means an herb powder that is used in cooking, and that is not the same as in body powder.

The woman at the store would step forward, recognizing my error and asked me what I meant. ​Expats in general are treated very nicely in Nicaragua; not just Americans.(Wedding in Nicaragua, pictured.) Because of the common culture dating back 100 years when the Americans first came to Nicaragua to fight the war, we had some resentment.