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08-Jul-2020 18:04

https://uk/your-rights-baili...bailiff-visits Please do look out for a response from the CAB too.Hello Lisa, I'm sorry to read that you've had to deal with one of these sharks and hope we can help move things forward.Good Luck x thankyou very much for your replys that's reassured me they ring and text about 8 times a day!!( now when they ring i pick up and get an recorded msg saing ' hi im **** from mmf im schedualed to visit your home in the next 4 days, to avoid embarresment press 1 to be connected to make an appointment ) Ill take on all advise and let you know the outcome thankyou again for taking the time to reply speak to national debt line or stepchange for more advice, or contact your local CAB.As pp says, DON'T let them in - they have no legal rights at all and are just trying to frighten you.

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I cleared the debt off and the payday loan company sold it on after I had cleared it, which was wrong.

If you do let them in once they do have the right to return and gain entry lawfully without your permission.

Do you mind if I ask how much you owe to the payday loan company? X thankyou very much for your replys that's reassured me they ring and text about 8 times a day!!

If they call you more than three times a day they are also breaking the law, remind them of this!

State that you have made an offer and have sent it in writing, and from now on, you only want to be contacted via letter or email and all calls will be ignored, be firm with them.I am also at the stage where the msgs are same as above, I have explained to them that I have paid the debt, sent conformation to them and even had the payday loan company clarify it is clear but they still harass me!! Paid the debt off and requested a letter off them to say 'account clear'.

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