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(There are workarounds, however, that let you install it in other countries.) The runaway success of "Pokémon Go," which was built by the Google spin-off Niantic, has sent Nintendo's stock soaring 23% in a day.

It's the company's best one-day jump since the 1980s.

This was to make sure we at least had some samples of the basalt, just in case permission to have the drill core wasn’t forthcoming.

Tiny portions of the same piece of fossil wood encased in the basalt in the drill core were sent for radiocarbon (C) analyses to two reputable laboratories—Geochron Laboratories in Cambridge, Boston (USA), and the Antares Mass Spectrometry laboratory at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), Lucas Heights near Sydney (Australia).

And on Friday, just over 3% of US Android owners were using the game daily — against about 3.5% for Twitter — with Pokémon Go's rate rising fast as new users continue to install the app.

Last week, Nintendo and Niantic brought out "Pokémon Go," an augmented-reality smartphone game that has players exploring the real world to collect Pokémon and items and to battle other players. Daily active users measures what proportion of the smartphone population uses an app on any given day.

This siltstone belongs to the Permian German Creek coal measures, conventionally believed to be around 255 million years old.

The pieces of wood recovered by the miners were examined and photographed, as too was the leaf imprint, but access to the ventilation shaft was not possible, nor were samples of the enclosing basalt available, having long been dumped with all the other rubble and waste rock.

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So how could these tree trunks have survived being engulfed by molten lava?Neither laboratory was told exactly where the samples came from to ensure that there would be no resultant bias.Both laboratories use the more sensitive accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) technique for radiocarbon analyses, Geochron being a commercial laboratory and Antares being a major research laboratory.This drill core was subsequently sent to us once permission was granted by the mining company.

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After visiting the mine site, nearby outcrops of the same basalt flows were investigated and sampled.

In stark contrast to the ‘age’ of the wood are the potassium-argon (K-AR) ‘ages’ of the basalt (see Table 2).

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