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05-Jul-2020 19:58

Baltimore City offers up a strong gay community, plus a concentrated group of urban drug users, many of whom may no longer be getting the high they need from crack or are looking for an upper after shooting up with heroin.But statistics and experts paint a very different picture than is being seen elsewhere in the country.Meth has been a part of the club scene on the West Coast and in New York for many years.“This was a drug more than any other that is associated with sexuality,” Disney says.Fewer than 5 percent of Baltimore drug addicts reported using meth in 2004, according to University of Maryland’s Center for Substance Abuse Research, as opposed to the more than 40 percent who reported using cocaine and the 36 percent who reported using heroin.Last year the Maryland State Police identified only nine meth-lab incidents, including one dump site, where meth production-related chemicals and waste products are tossed.Liz Disney withstood scorching temperatures to sit at a booth and distribute information about meth. But even Disney, a clinical psychologist who sees patients addicted to crystal meth, says that Maryland does not currently have a meth problem.

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Both cocaine and meth are in the same class of drugs: stimulants.Most Americans are probably familiar with at least a few of the street names for meth–crystal, crank, Tina, speed, ice, glass. With a large city already in the clutches of cocaine and heroin and plenty of wide-open rural spaces, Maryland would seem to be a perfect spot for the methamphetamine crisis to make a stop on its eastward crawl across the United States.Sparsely populated counties provide cover for putrid-smelling, treacherous meth labs.The high begins with a rush that then melts into euphoria.

“It’s as if you are eating chocolate cake, while flirting, while having an orgasm,” Disney says.“It’s part of our fabric, and to a smaller extent cocaine [is too].” If meth were to become more of a presence in Baltimore, “certainly it would have the crossover to cocaine.” She explains that speedballing–when heroin and cocaine are used together–might eventually lure heroin users to replace cocaine or crack with meth.

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