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What is well-intentioned but ineffective reading/thinking, and how can one recognize the problem as such?

This passage from Kylene Beers really resonated with me when I read it last year as part of my multi-year action research project on this topic: I once thought that if my students could make an inference, any inference, then my teaching woes would be over…

I could only say “Re-read it carefully and take notes” or some other advice.

They, like I had, protested that they had “re-read” and “done the readings.” Yet, even after re-reading and taking notes they were often unable to draw critical inferences about the text as a whole. Oscar’s desire to drop my elective answered the question for at least one student – in a shocking way. Chris Tovani offers a snippet of dialogue that underscores our need to better understand readers trying to understand: “Luke, why don’t you try to get unstuck.” “Nothing helps me. I keep reading and hope it makes sense when I’m done.” “And what if it doesn’t?

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If you're looking for somewhere to chat and meet new people then free chat rooms is the place to be!The “reality therapy” feedback became unavoidable: I was put on probation at the end of my sophomore year. John’s College, the so-called Great Books school.) Yet, I knew from seminar discussions and feedback on papers that my performance weaker than it should have been. As in most high schools and all colleges, alas, I was not taught to read hard books, I was merely assigned them.I didn’t realize that I wasn’t reading properly until my junior year when I serendipitously spotted a book on a friend’s shelf in his dorm room: Within a few minutes of skimming the first chapters I was bolted intellectually awake: the authors were vividly describing my bad habits as a reader and offering some clear and easy-to-follow tips on how to remedy them when faced with challenging texts.I stood leaning against her office door, complaining that that the kids she had given me that year could not make an inference.

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She simply replied: “Well, teach them.” “Teach them what? Teach them how to make an inference.” “You can’t teach someone how to make an inference. It’s just something you can or can’t do,” I said, beginning to mumble.

“Tell me you don’t really believe that,” she said….