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If you require further information, phone: 13 77 88, or: If you answer 'Yes' to this question, your child will receive a notification if they obtain a birth certificate after the age of 18 stating there may be further information available from the relevant authority under the The State's priority is to support all parents to register their child.A late registration requires strict verification of the child's details, and more proof of identification will be required. What is the rate for moving in during the middle of the semester? For the best availability, we suggest applying once you are accepted to UCO. What happens if I don't make a payment on time or need a payment plan? We accept applications year round, but if no rooms are available, students will be added to a wait list.Once your child is registered you don't need to do anything else until you want to purchase a birth certificate.

New birth registration forms have been distributed to hospitals throughout NSW.The Registry keeps a permanent record of the registration so parents or children can obtain a birth certificate at any time.Some information may also be used for important medical research and community planning purposes, but is kept strictly confidential and only you or your child, or a legal guardian can purchase a copy of the birth certificate..For this reason, it is not always possible to process these applications quickly due to the extra requirements.

The Registry does not accept either the Blue Book or a Social Security Benefits Card as ID for the child. If a room change is granted, students will be charged a 0 Room Change Fee.