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Elsewhere, midnight is the end of the night, but in New York, it’s the middle, if not the beginning.

For some of us, the possibility junkies, the city is far more welcoming after dark, vivid and electric, inexhaustible in its store of potential pleasures.

The city becomes more cosmopolitan as the tribes mix; the lawyers doff their ties, and the nocturnal dandies don their makeup.

" My standard advice: Don't starve yourself post-workout.

I’m sorry that I missed New York in the ’20s, during Prohibition.

(The lure of the forbidden is always more compelling than an engraved invitation. ) But the greatest era of nighttime in New York is always the one that coincides with your own youth.

Reach for traditional hummus or mix things up with a version made from black beans, lentils, or white beans.

Whichever variety you choose, scoop it up with sliced bell pepper, cucumber, grape tomatoes, or another in-season vegetable you like.But that said, if you know you're going to bed soon, it's not a good idea to chow down on a massive meal.