Jewish dating services and club

25-Jan-2020 10:22

I wound up at the event because my friend works at the synagogue and was organizing the party. She complimented me on my glasses (always nice to hear), then immediately asked me if I was single. TDR has two standard contracts, both of which aren’t exactly chump change: ,000 for three months, with a minimum of three matches, guaranteed, and ,000 for six months with a minimum of six. If not, you and your matchmaker will keep working until you get it right.

Which was weird, since I’d just met her perfectly nice husband and he was standing right there. If you don’t want to pay anything, you can be added to the TDR database for free, but you’ll only be contacted if a client matches with you.

I don’t go to the gym enough or do yoga or whatever people do now to meet women during exercise. Physically, she’s just my type: the right height, the right curves, a killer smile. Adelle had a standard “intake” interview: a series of questions about me, about my dating history, my likes and dislikes. (Lacking kindness, for sure.) Adelle was great, totally non-judgmental about my quirks and oddities.

As a freelance writer, I work alone most of the time, so no chance for co-worker hook-ups. I’m not totally sure what Purim is all about (something about escaping bondage), but I was sure I’d like that, too! It was a 20s-30s singles event, so there was some of that “let’s meet people” vibe built in. As the evening wound down, I found myself chatting with Adelle. But Adelle saw something else: a funny guy with a quick wit who had found a little knot of friends in the most unlikely places. Adelle is in the “lid for every pot” school of love. It was definitely the longest I’d thought about it in specific. We got down to the nitty gritty: how much would all of this cost?

Some come to her because they’re too busy to find someone on their own. At the end of the day, it is just a first date, just the start of a thing.

Some, like me, are frustrated by the dating apps and sites, by the meat market bars and false starts. Adelle may have gotten us to this point, but after this, it’s all on us.

Dating services, parties, events and clubs in that area offer Jewish singles the opportunity to meet for friendship, romance, love and marriage.

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There were one or two possibilities, but they weren’t quite right. At the time, she was working in corporate marketing and communications.I’m talking about parents that are actively “dating for you”. One of the major causes of the Orthodox Shidduch crisis is the tendency of families to put the younger yet marriage worthy siblings “on ice” until the older siblings are married off, as explored by the recent article “Shidduch Madness: No Jumping The Queue” article in The Jewish Press (reposted with our comments here). A college like Queens College is full of social opportunities and mingling for Jewish singles, yet most daters shrug off their best social opportunities …

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