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It has been 15 years since the series premiere of "The West Wing," which means it has been 15 years since viewers first discovered the palpable onscreen chemistry of characters Josh Lyman and Donnatella Moss.

In honor of the anniversary, and the new generation of viewers recently discovering "The West Wing" for the first time on Netflix, we've compiled a list of the 15 most notable moments in Josh-Donna history, ranked from our least to most favorite. Donna brings Josh a cup of coffee, "Pilot," Season 1 The scene that started it all!

This moment has got to make the list, as it is pretty straightforwardly pushes Josh and Donna's relationship into forever-altered territory.

But in the context of the couple's long list of emotionally charged moments, it's actually pretty boring.

"I had a real feel for this part that I felt very strongly about," she told Backstage in 2006. Part of my personality is just overestimating my importance to all things that I'm a part of. Josh and Donna spend the night together, "Election Day" Season 7 Aaand, we jump seven seasons down the line to "Election Day," in which Donna finally puts the back and forth charade to an end.

Sam comes to find Josh to tell him there is a fire burning in Yellowstone National Park. Toby is leaving for his meeting on the "Estate / Death" tax although there is nothing he would rather do more - as he is ready to leave, they get a call the meeting is canceled. begins her briefing to the press and very deftly gets the press thinking about the Republican Congress.

Sam wants the President to talk with the Governor, so he can say he talked with the Governor. Josh thinks the House is positioning to repeal the tax outright. Bruno comes to see Leo to try and show him a tape - of Victor Campos with Jack Buckland. begins her next brieifing, continuing to lay out support for Rollins while poking the House of Representatives.

Although, there is no plan to try and put the fire out - they are going to let it burn. Bruno tells Leo that Buckland has turned the White House down on joining a Presidential Commission. to ask for her help to set up a meeting with Campos. Toby and Josh are meeting with Connie and Doug about why the meeting on the Estate Tax was canceled - it is becoming more clear the House is no longer interested in working with the White House.

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And the answer comes back to me: Probably not.""I have an excellent sense about these things," she tells Josh discussing a new guy who she thinks might be "the one".

The President replies that he hasn't gotten around to it.

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