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Recently he announced that he’s trying to raise ten million dollars to make a movie about his childhood as an actor and victim and promises to name those names. Hasn’t he noticed that people are naming names all over the place these days and they’re not asking for ten million dollars?

He should have named names and led the pack instead being coy and holding out.

So she took it a step further and walked the red carpet at the MTV European Movie Awards in a terrycloth bathrobe and a towel wrapped on her head.

You might call it the “morning after” look – it’s from designer , Taraji will play a female sports agent struggling in a man’s world.

He’s changed his looks more than any Hollywood actress we know, but he gets away with it. But one of Mickey’s longtime and BEST friends is a hair stylist – they see each other frequently.

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Regardless, Mickey has several movies in the works – some horror, and even a romantic comedy. Actress Rita Ora doesn’t bother to leave home unless there’s a strong possibility of being photographed, and when she stepped out in Manhattan wearing pajamas, the paparazzi ate it up.

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singer is still appearing there as well as touring all the time!

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During her shows she always brings up her current obsession: bees.