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30-Nov-2019 06:03

So, these two still very young and vibrant entrepreneurs took time out from their hectic schedule and sat down for a chat with the Guyana Chronicle to answer this and other questions.

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“It is really our intention to get Guyana to that level [entertainment-wise] as the rest of the Caribbean and the rest of the world, and we will keep trying and trying until we get there.”Rawle supports this argument, saying that Jamzone should be the summer event of not just Guyana, but the Caribbean as well, and should provide local artistes with a forum through which they can showcase their skills.According to Kerwin, the accent is on Hits and Jams in general and not just Jam Zone, because the aim of the outfit is to give Guyanese the level of entertainment they would experience in other places.He spoke of many instances where Guyanese fly to other countries just to witness an artiste live in concert, or just to attend an event.Title: Bisexual Barber gives STD Message Body: I am appealing to the girlfriends of the barbers over ‘’(Barber Shop name with-held)” in Portmore to get themselves medically access as(Allegedly) these young men are bisexual.

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I have been involved with one of them over the past few months. The problem is after having sex the normal way a couple of times he switched entry point, anal entry was to become is more preferred area of penetration.

Mendonza, he recalls, was rather supportive of the idea saying that it was something that the company would definitely like to partner in.

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” It will help open their eyes to what is actually happening. The perception is that people in rich countries care more than Africans about wildlife protection.… continue reading »

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