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With more than three million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, Epoc Cam Wireless Virtual Computer Webcam is the most popular and most frequently downloaded webcam app in the App Store.

It works with all webcam-enabled apps (such as Skype and Google Hangouts), supports your i Phone’s rear- and front-facing cameras, and encrypts all the video it records. In addition to the app, you’ll also need to download the drivers directly from the developer’s website.

At Home Camera is unique; a computer can remotely view your i Phone’s camera feed, but the i Phone app can also remotely view your computer’s webcam feed.

There are two parts to the app – a streamer and a viewer.

For a color feed and audio playback, you’ll need to buy the pro version for .

Again, the free-to-try model is handy for testing whether or not the app works for you before you hand over any money.

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Keeping reading to discover five apps that’ll let you use your i Phone’s camera as a webcam.Fortunately it’s free to try, so you can make sure it works before deciding if it’s worth upgrading or not.