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13-May-2020 20:01

— Boris Sokoloff, 1947, Jealousy: A Psychological Study Every human alive is an evolutionary success story.

If any of our ancestors had failed to survive an ice age, a drought, a predator, or a plague, they would not be our ancestors.

Our goal has been to seek a deeper understanding of what makes men and women tick, the desires that drive people to heights of success or depths of despair, and the evolved mechanisms of mind that define who we are.

This book illuminates the dark side of sexual treachery, the mysterious puzzle of romantic love, and the central role of jealousy in our intimate relationships.

The explanation for sex differences in jealousy lies deep in the evolutionary past of the human species.

They sometimes glow quietly, but at other times they burst into full flame.

I can’t post my review until Midnight, when the movie debuts, and I’ll try to have it up by that time. What got me were not the many teen girls in the long lines to get into the screenings or their screams at the sight of the male 20-something co-stars in the movie. Yes, a fit man is more attractive and appealing, but these young guys with sculpted chests didn’t turn me on. Masculinity isn’t hours at the gym and laying off the mac-and-cheese. Sorry, but our society has really taken glamorizing this “cougar” Demi-marries-Ashton thing waaaaay thing toooo far.… continue reading »

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According to German magazine Kicker, Ajax were the second-most successful European club of the 20th century.… continue reading »

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