Hr manager dating manager

02-Mar-2020 04:00

The answers reflect commonsense advice for how to best preserve workplace professionalism and help your firm avoid legal issues.

You should always write a policy that conforms to your firm’s other employee policies, and HR should confer with the firm’s legal counsel in all matters such as this.

Even if the office prohibits them, employees need to know what precisely is prohibited.

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It’s often in the eye of the beholder (or the beholder’s spouse) whether or not a platonic relationship with a coworker crosses the line.

This applies as well to conduct on the telephone, email, and any other forms of communication.

In addition to maintaining a professional tone, it’s imperative to continue to abide by the firm’s confidentiality and security policies regarding sharing information. 2) Conduct during free work time (e.g., lunches): Conduct should be determined by the place, not the time.

Tough questions and straightforward answers If you choose to allow office relationships, here are eight points to consider when establishing your guidelines.

They are by no means comprehensive, but they are some of the most frequent questions.Behavior needs to conform to code anywhere on the office premises, at any time, even after hours or weekends.