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26-Nov-2019 19:13

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It is like a job interview – and I thought that a girl’s father was supposed to do that.Here in Pakistan, however, the mother’s of the boys take up that role.

She must also dress elegantly and talk in a manner reflective of her education; not that her education is needed for anything beyond that.

There will always be a situation we would rather not deal with and just have this reaction instead. The Real Housewives of New York’s Countess Luann has a lot to say on those people who just keep on digging. It’s only your own grave you’re hollowing out there, sweetheart! If they were any more over-the-top, they would be stuck in a tree in the neighbors’ yard.

Whether it’s a desk full of work or a diaper that needs changing. We’ve all been there, watching a disaster waiting to happen. It’s also questionable exactly how much of the realness really is real, you know?

The educational achievements are, however, to be bragged about by the saasu ma.

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She does this whilst being comfortably seated in her drawing room surrounded by her friends, who are being served tea by her oh-so-accomplished bahu-rani.

When the time comes, they set off on mission impossible, choosing, from the shortlisted candidates of course, for girls with the same level of ‘perfection’ as their darling son.