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06-Dec-2019 08:41

With texts, there really is no finish line and the negative emotions brew for much longer than they should.

This stresses your relationship and often destroys trust, all because of often silly misunderstandings that doesn’t get resolved ASAP.

So it’s a heck of a lot more than just words and finger punching if you are looking to build your romantic connection positively strong.

experts report these negative messages also prologue the fight and bring it back repeatedly because they are saved on the device. Some people even create folders to save these nasty hurtful disagreements in, so they have ammo to throw back at their partner when they need to.

Unfair and dumb when you think about it but that’s reality for many.

*The only thing missing in my bed is you – I love you. But no matter what I can’t sleep without saying good night to you. *Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder how you are. And if you want to kill romantic attraction in any relationship, neediness will do it.

*My heart beats better with you in my arms – love you. If you don’t pay attention to this rule you might end up in the forbidden land of neediness.

Just don’t try these messages on someone you are just getting to know because they are a little over the top for that, according to relationship experts at Future Scopes. That or you’re bored stiff and don’t have anything else to do. If you happen to be the general instigator of texts or the one sending the majority, you need to pull back.