Hidding having sex on facetime

25-Mar-2020 22:09

I kind of doubt that he’s seeing other women since it’s likely one of his friends would have mentioned one of his other girls by now, especially if his friends don’t know that you have anything with each other.

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prejudice against interracial dating

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The lad had been tipped off that his girlfriend was seeing other men behind his back while he took part in a training camp for the US Marine Corps.“My girlfriend has decided to play behind my back and talk to other guys while I’m gone," he says to the camera.“I’ve been gone for about a month over here, in training for the marines and she thinks it’s ok to play behind me.”So the lad took drastic steps and set up a fake Facebook account to catfish his own girlfriend.

No one has been charged in the case, which stems from the 14-year-old girl’s complaint in January to school officials that a sexually explicit photo or video recording of her may have circulated among students.

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