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Same subjects as last Lesson : Accusative and Prepositional Cases 68 XVII.

Nouns that have occurred classified according to Form and Accentuation of Plural.

There is no h, no w, no x ; these are usually represented by r, B, KG respectively. i, 'B, and others have to stand for more than one distinct sound. The phonetic symbols employed in the transcript are as follows : VOWELS [a] as in * father.' [A] as in * another.' [e] as in them.' [e] as in ' they.' [9] as in ' mother.' [I] as in bit ' (but see Par. [i] as in ' been.' [1] second hah* of diphthong in words like ' boy,' * my,' ' try.' [o] as in ' yon.' [u] as in ' too.' [j] to represent sound of English y before any vowel. This distinction is most im- portant, as it meets one at every turn in Russian orthography, and the observation of the exact correspondence will reduce by one half the labour of memorizing conjugations and declensions.

The Czechs, Poles, and other Northern Slavs (exclusive of the Russians) use the Latin character, while the Russians, Bulgars, Serbs, and most other Southern Slavs use the Cyrillic. THE ALPHABET Printed Italic Phonetic Characters Characters Symbols A, a (vin) 1 A, a [ a ] [A] B, 6 (xiv) E, 6 [b] [b] B, B (xiv) B, e [ v ] [v] T, T (XV) T, 8 [g] [g] [g] fl, fl (XVI) #, d [d] [d] E, e (ix) E, e [je] [je] [jo] 1 Paragraph in which illustrations of the phonetic value of each letter will be found. 13 INTRODUCTION Printed Italic Phonetic Characters Characters Symbols E, 6 (xi) a t [jo] JK, JK (XVIII) /K, MC [3] 3, 3 (XVII) 3, 3 [2] [t] H, H(X) #, U [i] I, i(x) /, i P] H, & (x) # u P] K, K (XV) K, K W [k] JI, JI(XX) JI, JI [t] [i] M, M (XIX) M, M [m] [m] H, H (XIX) #, H [n] [n] 0, o (xi) 0, [o] [A] "H, n (xiv) n, n [P] [ P ] P, P ( xx ) P, p M t*] C, c (xvm) c, c [s] [s] T, T (XVI) T, m [t] [t] y, Y (xii) y, y [u] o, * (xiv) 0, $ P] V] x, x (xv) x, x [x] q, U (xvi) I], it [to] [ts] H, H (xvm) ^, H [*J] in, in (xvm) III, m [J] m, m (xvm) HI, u\ [Jt J] t, i R fja] [JA] e, e (xiv) e, e [f] [t] [jo] [J3] Y, v this letter is another ' i ' ; it is no longer in use. Russian Vowels fall into two exactly corresponding series called hard vowels and soft vowels.

* In a very few words the dotted [g] has been used in the transcript, but the dis- tinction is not important. 3 ' K ' before "fe is pronounced as hi ' jfi Tew,' = [k]. 6 The termination hi is pronounced after gutturals with a slight rounding of the lips, but as this is not sufficient to warrant the use of [i] in the transcript, [i] has been used throughout. ZAblt] ] zve'r] i zd't] 2 va] 8 28 INTRODUCTION C c, C c. a [8AFAk(l] of forty CTOHTb [stoit] it costs CTOi'rn HMH MCHCM-L Mena MH prep, 'k ax-L *(H) 2 HX-L M6HH Menaxi, (See Lessons IX and LIII.) 1 itt is the gen.

6 The absence of b in Jib Ba would indicate the hard [t] (see Par. 6 There is no A in Russian, and although the consonant x is much nearer than r to h, this letter in foreign words has been generally transliterated by r, =[g]. 7 * r ' must always be proncn; M when immediately preceding H. 2 There are in Russian several prepositions which consist of a single con- sonant prefixed to the noun, and pronounced as one word with the noun. In some cases, as before voiced consonants (b, d, v, etc.), where the clear sharp value of k is almost impossible, the pronunciation is facilitated by taking [g] instead of [k]. 8 * 3' when final before hard sign =[s], before soft sign [s] or [s]. Ce Bacxonojib S9VASt6p A l l] 2 Sevastopol CO Jib CO Jib SO 1 ! ] chapel Kp6io [kroju] I cover Kporo [krvju] I cut MOK) [m6ju] I wash MOK) [m AJu] my (fern, ace.) M^na [miik A] torture Myna [muka] flour na'iajio [n At J(if\] beginning na i iaji6 [n.vt/At6] it began njia^y [ptatfu] 1 weep njra Mv [pt At/6] I pay noju.i [puf,] sexes nojibi [p Att] floors copoi;a [8Ar6k A] magpie cop oi.


PRACTICAL RUSSIAN GRAMMAR PART I , Pycc Kaa P-fe^b , pubhshed by the author in Petrograd.

T is called the ' hard ' sign, and indicates merely the absence of b, the ' soft ' sign. XIII.) No Russian word is written with a consonant as the last letter : a word must end in a vowel or in t or b. The one serious difficulty in Russian pronuncia- tion lies in the fact that Russian more than other European tongues resembles English in two important respects : the accent is variable, and only the accented vowels have their full normal value.

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