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06-Apr-2020 15:19

Don’t worry if you don’t have 3 kiddie pools or can’t find a slip n’ slide – just use whatever you can!

What You’ll Need: – 1 plastic cup filled half way with water – 1 coin Electricity is such a simple game and so much fun!

What You’ll Need: – 3 kiddie pools (we recommend the small, shallow, blow up kind) – a slip n’ slide – kickball This game is played just like normal kickball, except the bases are kiddie pools and then you have a slip n’ slide heading in to home base.

So divide up into teams and have one team in the outfield and pitching and the others ready to kick.

It then creates a flow of “electricity” as people squeeze hands down the line.

The last person in line (at the cup end of the table) tries to grab the cup as soon as they feel a hand squeeze.

Our first “Group Dating for Teens” post was pretty popular, so we thought we’d bring you some more ideas with a focus on summer time!

These 3 activities are done outside to enjoy the fresh air and a fun time with friends…and maybe get a little wet while you are at it.

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Divide up into two teams and have one team on each side of the table.Set the timer for 5 minutes and once you say go let the guys work their magic on the girls hair.

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