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I think that this would have been better if there were items that could help control the hit/miss ratio. ok here the walkthrough for each ending ending 1- complete all the quest especially the blacksmith and keep the talisman you get from him.

go to enchanting madness with talisman and you can fight the demon but be careful he has like 9 strength, 6 dex, and 5 armor ending 2-go to enchanting madness without goblin slasher(talisman blacksmith gives you for his quest) ending 3-accept bards offer of becoming a magic but you must choose the second option instead of having her sing of your glory ending 4- go to new hope guard post and accept the position of black guard ending 5- go to new hope guard post but refuse the position of black guard Pretty good job designing the mechanics of the game. I also wish you didn`t have to reach an ending to load the saved game.

5th END: Join the Bard right after getting a handjob from her : D I love the idea of a fantasy adventure game with lots of hot sex. If someone wanted to do another, that would kick-ass. I got to level six and thought I`d quit the game for a while.

I mean, sure, I wish there was more and better sex, but, seriously, just that this exists is pretty cool. Came back to it later and my save game wasn`t there :( Fun game, though it gets a bit repetitive after awhile.

End 1 - Accomplish the princess` mission End 2 - Fail the princess` mission and become a villain End 3 - Accept the proposal of the "musician" End 4 - Join the Black guard End 5 - Refuse the join the guard and travel beyond the post A really good game. Not bad at all, for the first attempt at a fantasy RPG quite entertaining, with a good story, nice character developement and a range of different endings.

The mechanics of the fights are fun, take a little strategy. Probably one of the best flash erotic fantasy RPGs out there Pros: - Very good graphics (as per LOP in general) - Good RPG system (it makes sense in the world presented) - Decent choice of female characters to encounter - Good humor (most of the time) Cons: - At times (if you are unlucky especially) it requires a lot of time to "grind" exp/money - Endings in general feel disappointing This game was really fun.I enjoy this kind of build up the character and also get lucky.Does anyone have a list of all the girls you can get?Great story idea, but I preferred if Luke was a little more of a badass. I really enjoyed the more RPG sturcture of the game and there were some quality scenes. A few tips: - buy magic potions from the witches and sell to the exotic dancer - buy apples from the peasant and sell to the trader - when fighting werewolf, go for legs - when fighting elf, go for legs as well - when fighting giants, go for armor - when you defeat someone, clicking on the food you`ve won in the winning screen restores your health without changing the amount of the food Well keep this Max Hp 74 strength 8 dexterity 9 armor 6 at level 10 Mine were Hp 55 strength 7 dexterity 9 armor 5 at level 8.

I also thought that it was fun that they had an ending that was the main plot of the game as well as a better ending if you wanted to complete it in a little harder fashion. Don`t sell medal from blacksmith use it to kill goblin and buy from witch and peasant not from town . Shortcuts/hints if you want them to gold/better gear : every time you encounter villager/witch buy up as much of their cheapest stock as you can and resell in town.

For your next RPG, you should definitely add more of these interactive acts, I would have loved to bang the fiance after killing her knight or get intimate with some of the female thugs after the fight.