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01-Dec-2019 18:05

What I've learned most while working on Queer as Folk has come really indirectly, less from playing Justin Taylor than from dealing with press, corporations, advertisers, the gay community, and fans of the show.

I've learned the necessity of constantly realigning your perspective and the importance of standing up for yourself and being constantly aware that people are going to skew and censor you...

I'm not saying that they may have been friends with benefits but I never saw any chemistry between the two. And she loves tweeting about her and her girls partying in Miami and hanging out with guys like James Franco."I really don't know much about them, but I have seen pap shots of them together. I've read a number of fan reviews of Gale's plays, where the reviewer has met Yara. And there are more photos of Scott and Gale at events and dinner parties celebrating QAF cast birthday parties.

I find it strange that for 2 forty something they never lived together.