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03-Feb-2020 01:56

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According to the Pittsburgh City Paper, that's actually true; the "reporter" interviewed many people until he found the one absolute weirdo he needed. For example, in a 2004 interview the director John Waters is asked why he hasn't "addressed" furries.

Sex sells, afterall, and people reporting on furries sure do seem to know it. He replies "I haven't done that because Vanity Fair had that big article about it, and I never really believed it was true." joined on a report about Anthrocon.

This article is 6 pages, and right from the title and subtitle it's already utterly horrible and false. It's sex; it's religion." Right from the start they call a fandom sex and religion.

Although I normally wouldn't agree with the dishonesty, this reporter did use it for fairly good at reporting on the fandom. And once again, the bad press generated from it is mainly due to the furries who allowed themselves to be interviewed by BBC. (I'm not British, so I don't really know what any of these subtitles for the BBC mean...) The BBC reporter actually went along with everything very nicely, and didn't have anything rather harsh to say about the furries she met in her travels.There's a lot of people in the fandom, and a lot of different types of people, but there is a core to it all, and the media hardly ever hits the core of it all.

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