Fuck buddy personal no registration

20-May-2020 18:26

Believe it or not, most of the time, you’d end up feeling used and cheap!

But just like your craving for a drink, a few days later, you’d end up reaching for your cell phone, to make that booty call that gives you the satisfaction of a great night and a hollow morning after.

But then again, if you really like this person, then why not just spend more time with each other to see if there can be more than just a fuck buddy love between the both of you? And also remember that sex should have nothing to do with your friendship and should never affect it.

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And however much you feel satisfied after bedding your friend, your mornings will still feel the same, maybe just a little sore!If you’re looking at satisfying yourself physically rather than the needs of your partner, or if you don’t care about falling in love or having sex lovingly, then go right ahead.