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In 1751, the English colonist Christopher Gist explored areas along the Ohio River.

Following its defeat in the French and Indian War (part of the Seven Years' War in Europe), France relinquished control of the area of Kentucky to Britain.

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The Louisville area was on the eastern border of the Mississippian culture, in which regional chiefdoms built villages and cities with extensive earthwork mounds.He was conducting a campaign against the British in areas north of the Ohio River, then called the Illinois Country.Clark organized a group of 150 soldiers, known as the Illinois Regiment, after heavy recruiting in Virginia and Pennsylvania.There was a continuous human presence in the area that became Louisville from at least 1,000 BCE until roughly 1650 CE, and the Beaver Wars which depopulated much of the region.

Archeologists have identified several late and one early Archaic sites in Jefferson County's wetlands.On May 12, they set out from Redstone, today's Brownsville, Pennsylvania, taking along 80 civilians who hoped to claim fertile farmland and start a new settlement in Kentucky. It was a location Clark thought ideal for a communication post.