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Once you feel comfortable with one credit card, you might want to get a second one just to be safe, says Liz Weston, personal finance columnist at Nerd Wallet and author of the book Your Credit Score.

"You don't want to be beholden to one credit card issuer," she says.

You signed a contract where everyone knew the risks.

That’s where all the mansions come from while you were struggling to pay your mortgage. Or worry about killing yourself or feeding your kids. You weren’t trying to be bad, but (as the banks already modeled) sometimes bad things happen to good people. I was also late on a state tax return (but not federal). Just those two things and because I have no credit cards (so no opportunities to show regular payments) my credit score fell from 780 to 580.

) and even if the banks are gleefully hoping you pay penalties, etc, the flip side is they know there is a reasonable chance you can default.

Even if you didn’t read all the fine print (who does?

And if you spend responsibly, you can get lots of great perks along the way. "One of the best things a credit card can do is help you maintain and build a good to excellent credit score with little to no effort," says Nick Clements, the cofounder of Magnify Money and a veteran of the credit-card industry.

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But until the system changes, we all have to work within it, and the way for you to master the system is by getting good credit.

They want to sell you things regardless of credit score. In one case I had to promise to pay an extra months rent as security. I felt really had about my dad and my mom and even S.

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