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26-Feb-2020 16:10

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Before you send your credit card information online, over the phone or by mail, it helps to think like a hacker.

The next time you're about to share your credit card number, put on a robber's raccoon mask and think about it: Where are the potential breach spots along the path your information will travel?

"If someone eavesdropped or bugged the line, all they would hear is the screechy noise" -- the one you hear when connecting to the Internet by dial-up modem, Miliefsky said.

A big risk enters when you can't be certain the intended recipient is the only one who will see the fax.

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We asked Internet security experts to discuss some of the common methods of sending credit card information, and to rate their security risk levels for the average consumer.

Unsecured email Risk level: High Security experts unanimously agree a garden-variety, unencrypted email is a very unsecure way to send sensitive information. Unsecured email offers crooks four points of exposure -- your own computer, your email server, your recipient's email server, and your recipient's computer -- making it one of the riskiest ways to send credit card information.