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Alia was just finishing the last of her work when she heard a beep go off in her headset. Alia here.""Hi there, "Nana greeted, sounding a bit tired. " she leaned back, uncomfortable in her chair."Those new navigators came today.""Oh? "Goodnight, Alia signing out.""Night, Nana signing out."Author Notes: Why Alia and Nana?She stretched her back and tapped the glowing green icon at the corner of the screen. "I just wanted to check in before heading off to bed. Because they're pretty much the same type of person, the Navigator (though I like Nana better).Only a few hunters on the field needed their assistance, so most of them were stuck with filing documents for hours and hours.

I uploaded this for a few buddies on here who wanted to read my stuff. --Carole King Are you saying you have a dirty soul? If you get soap in your eye, rinsing it out with allergy eye drops only makes it worse. But I had to get my mascara off and I ran out of make-up remover so I had to use soap.