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26-Apr-2020 16:15

Several dozen scrubbed pans later, Noah moved his hands from the dish water and pitched in on packing.

I turned in my towel (hand, bath, whatever was available for the moment) and helped first with the breakfast, then lunch set up.

Maybe it is because I left Spokane on Sunday and it is now Tues.

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Under the adage of “if it ain’t broke – don’t screw with it” I have left the system alone. Then I had the brilliant idea of using a Word Press plug in to automate the process. Driving to Wallhausen is fun, especially when I do it with someone else. A stop at my house involved Nana and the kids books.OK – that part sort of seemed to work – except that you first scan and build the backup. And some old shirts for wearing, painting, crafting with kids.My sites build is higher than my allowable server space. I have the yarn I need which I promised people for later in the year. Nana, bless her heart, went through both the English and German children’s books and was easily talked into taking boxes home for nieces and nephews. laundry (four loads), cleaning and that every so fun and necessary scrubbing out of the fridge. I started out with menus which have since disappeared. Did I mention about 10x the amount of storage as well??After coffee in the arrivals lounge I made the 0953 train without problems followed by the connection in Mannheim. Picking up where we left off (somewhere around sound asleep) I woke to the nasty surprise that the particular Doubletree doesn’t have free coffee in the lobby early in the morning.

I even had enough money for a cab (I don’t mind walking to the train station – it is downhill followed by flat) since uphill with luggage when I am tired is just not going to happen. Yes, they have the stupid little coffee makes in the rooms, but no coffee in the lobby.

Makes positioning properly for fast hook ups that much easier. I arrive in the morning which means technically it takes 3 days to get home…..