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Teen health centres in high schools and junior highs, changes to the criminal justice system that hold the worst offenders accountable (but keep lesser offenders away from the bad influence of more delinquent peers), safe internet use training, and addictions prevention programming are all helping to keep kids safe.

The truth is that most children experience a rather easy time growing up.

With so many changes occurring in their bodies, it's no wonder some teenagers are anxious and sensitive about their physical appearance.

Having a negative view of themselves can lead to harmful behaviours such as eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, a desire to remain terribly thin by not eating, and bulimia nervosa, a disorder where the youth eats then forces her- or himself to throw up afterwards.

Their prefrontal cortex, a layer of neurons just behind their foreheads, is developing rapidly.

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With it comes the capacity to think about future consequences, inhibit rash actions, and see the effect one's behaviour has on others.Telling teens you accept them just the way they are is one thing, but making exaggerations about the child's beauty or skills creates a false sense of self-esteem that is likely to be quickly toppled by peers.