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15-Jun-2020 12:57

Pi is then estimated as the Total number of Hotdogs /Number of Hotdogs that cross a grid line/2. In Excel, I originally thought of using a chart, but adding new series to a chart requires VBA.

By using a Line I can use VBA to calculate its starting position and rotation as well as the color and line thickness, and then draw the hotdog. The remainder of this post will examine the techniques used for each section. X values increase to the right and Y values increase down the worksheet. I originally decided to have grid of 10 rows of size 50pts, which is 500pts. This is easily achieved by calculating the Integer value of the hotdogs two end Y values divided by the Grid Spacing. All results are stored on the Results sheet Columns A & B keep a record of which throw is which type of throw Column E stores the running Pi and Column F is used for the display of the individual Display Results6 measures are monitored on a throw by throw basis1.

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If they are in different sections the hotdog crosses a line. Tally results To calculate Pi using this technique we simply need the tally of the Number of Hotdogs that cross a Gridline and the Total thrown I decided early on in the design of the workbook that keeping records of which throw was a Cross or Miss may be useful and so 2 columns are setup to store these. The Named Formula are then used directly in the various charts. Sorting Alphabetically Sorting by Last Name Community Q&A Microsoft Excel is a great tool for organizing your information.